It’s About Relationships and Results

Business of any kind comes down to two things, relationships and results. Whether it’s relationships with your client’s community or vendor, you want to feel good about the people and companies you surround yourself with. With those relationships, comes needing certain results. In our case, we want to build long term relationships with our clients by giving them the results they are needing out their website and digital marketing.

With our Website and Digital Marketing consultations, we can go in-depth as to what your company needs to get the results you want. With our Battle Plan for Website Success and Battle Plan for SEO Success, we can put together a step by step plan to help your business get to the next level. Our implementation services level including website redesign, mobile landing page design, paid search campaigns, SEO, graphic design, branding, social media marketing, content writing services all work toward a purpose driven, conversion focused goal so you can grow your business.


Chris Hughbanks


I am the father of 3 kids. I  have a passion to create whether it’s drawing or painting since I was 14. I hold a Bachelor’s of Fine art in Digital Design and Master’s of Fine Arts in Media Design .  I have over a decade of design and marketing experience, and over 6 years  in WordPress Design. You can see some of my digital artwork Here.


Based in Houston, TX, we are a virtual design and marketing agency. This opens us to using the best talent from around the country.  This model allows us to use the best talent, thinkers and creators will be used to grow your business.

Whether it’s web design, SEO, Social Media or other services you can be assured our team will help you get the results your looking for.


There is a simple equation, without clients, there is no Hughbanks Design.  So we recognize the need for top notch customer service. Our entire existence as Hughbanks Design is designed to give you the results, in a way you understand and satisfy all of your concerns in regards to your website and digital marketing.