Our Services

Since 2011, Hughbanks Design has provided a wide range of services all pointed at one goal, to grow businesses using their website and website marketing. Being in business 7 plus years (and over a decade of experience) we have seen what tactics that work, and what doesn’t and put that knowledge into practical use.

Whether it’s chasing design trends that will be gone in 6 months or SEO tactics that, though they may give you quick results but could get you banned by Google, those are rabbit holes we don’t go down. We use what we call “design common sense” and evergreen tactics that will get you SEO growth without getting banned.

Consultations and Battle Plan Services

With our website and digital marketing consultation services, we have put together what we call “Battle Plan” services. This service creates a step-by-step plan on how to better your website and increase your conversions, or a step-by-step plan on how to increase your website traffic by SEO. These Battle Plans can either by implemented by us or another of your choosing. In either case, the goal is to have a clear step-by-step path to increasing your business.


Design is more than appearance; it’s about achieving your goals while giving value to your users. We’ll create something that users want and expect to see while meeting your goals for the website.


Establish your voice and your brand personality to better connect you with your target audience. We arm you with engaging, helpful, and meaningful content on your site as well as social channels.


A website only works if the right traffic is going to it. Using the latest and best practice techniques, from engaging ads focused on high performing keywords in your market to providing SEO through results-proven strategies, we can get you the right traffic you need for your site to perform optimally.


No matter whether we built your website or not, we can update, backup, host, maintain, and protect your website so you can focus on running your business.


From logo design to infographs for content sharing to banner ads, we can design just about anything you need done. We can design and build a unique and powerful brand to define your identity in the marketplace.


We value your time and your need to get a problem solved. So we have developed a process in which potential clients, no matter the service needed, go through so we can best help them with their situation.

Through a review of your website and stated needs, we will schedule a 30 minute free strategy session and evaluation. In this session, we will go over our initial finding, go over your goals and give recommendations.

If needed, we will use a process of emails, phone calls and meetings to gather all the information we need to have the best understanding of your business, goals and project needs.

A proposal and contract will be submitted for your review. I will schedule a meeting to go over it with you so if you have any question, they can be answered fully.

Once the solution has been agreed to and signed, we will start the implementation of the agreed solution. In full design or marketing campaign builds, this will start with a kick-off meeting, where we get down to the nitty-gritty details and get your project started.

In the case of our Battle Plan solutions, we will have another meeting where we go more in depth on your goals for the site or SEO campaign that the focus of the Plan is for.