5 Local SEO Lessons going into 2020

5 Local SEO Lessons going into 2020

Google is an ever-changing landscape, and 2020 will be no different. If you are a local service company trying to improve your local SEO, it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle and get confused. So, we wanted to help cut down the noise and help your local service company get to the top of the ranks with 5 lessons we have learned going into 2020.

Service Locations on your Service Pages.

This sounds fairly simple and straight forward, yet many companies tend to forget this. If you are a roofer that serves Houston, you will want Houston mentioned on your service pages and home page. The key is to weave it organically into your website content, where it reads and flows smoothly.

Do Not Neglect Third-Party Citation Sites.

As you work for your website to gain authority, websites like Yelp, Houz and Next Door have already built a tremendous amount of authority. So, you want to get in on that action. Let’s say you google Gutters in Houston, in the organic results you will find Yelp, Homeadvisor and Angie’s list within the first page of organic rankings. This does not mean you have to advertise on those sites, but just getting listed and getting that authoritative “link juice” will give your site a big boost.

Do Not Keyword Stuff Your Business Name

In November 2019, Google released a new update for Google Local dubbed “Bedlam”. The Bedlam algorithm is based on neural matching – an AI method used to better connect words with concepts. Quite simply, Google is working on more ways to focus on search intent instead of just the keyword itself. A major impact of the update is that keyword spam in business names won’t be favored as much as it once was. In other words, you can’t expect to put Houston in your Google My Business listing title and expect to rise to the top.

Google My Business Descriptions Are Important

It is interesting how we see so much focus on Google My Business category and not as much on the description. If you are missing a description, you’re missing a chance to tell viewers and Google just what services you cover where, or what products you sell. For example, we worked with a medical supply company that wanted to rank for a very specific kind of product. When we took an initial ranking report, they were nowhere to be seen when you searched for that product even though this was a very established business and website. They were missing a description on their Google My Business listing. We crafted a carefully worded description and added it to the listing. The results showed they were ranking 1st page on both Maps and Google Organic for that particular product in their area.

Local SEO Domination Strategy.

Your most important service should be listed on the homepage, then have a dedicated service page as well as the right category and have it listed in the Google My Business listing. With this, it is possible to have a map pack listing (first three map listings that are shown on a Google search) and have at least 2 pages on the first page of organic search. That equates to your business being listed three times in the first page. In order to accomplish this, you need to have relative and authoritative backlinks to both your homepage and service page, as well as optimized service page content.

Bonus – Reviews Matter EVEN MORE now!

Though this is really nothing new, but every year it gets more important. It’s simple, people trust other people before they trust companies. Google wants to give the results people trust. The better the reviews, the better the click-through rate, the better the ranking.

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