5 Second Website Test for Service Companies

5-Second Website Test for Service Companies

The days of company websites just putting a quick bit of information about themselves on their website and expecting that to bring leads are gone. Truth is those days were never really here. Instead, if you’re a service company, like a roofer or even CPA, you should put your website through a 5-second website test.

What is a 5-Second Website test for service companies?

In truth, there are a few versions of the 5-second website test. Conventionally, a 5-second website test would involve sitting a control group down in front of your website, one by one. Let them go through your website, and then 5 seconds after they are done, have them answer a series of questions to see what they remembered and what their impression is of your website.

That version is about being memorable and impressionable. This is not the version I am covering though. There is another 5-second website test that is just as important. 5 seconds is all you have to convert the viewer into someone who is interested in your brand. This 5-second test involves your website answering three key questions within 5 seconds.

Question 1 – Where am I?

Though this sounds weird and even a bit obvious, stick with me here. Let us use a mechanic shop as an example. They look up mechanic shops and view the mechanic’s site. If they are looking to see if you have mobile mechanic services, they are asking themselves “am I at a site that has mobile mechanic services”? Notice one key thing here, this is stated from a viewer’s standpoint. It is very easy to look at this as “what do you do”. But, that is slightly incorrect. Looking at your site from a viewer’s standpoint, be it from a service page, an appointment page, or even a product page, your viewer always wants to know if they are in the right place.

Question 2 – What can I do here?

Again, this is strictly from a viewer’s perspective. Let’s follow our mechanic’s example.  If the viewer has found a service page that lists mobile mechanic services, what’s next. What can that person do from there? Can they book an appointment on that page? Is there a call to action on another booking page? Can they call straight from the site? You always have to lead the viewer into their next movements.

Question 3 – Why Should I do it?

Again, stated from the viewer’s point of view. Unless you’re the only company in the world that does what you do, it’s probable you have competition. Because of this, you need to give them a reason to choose the action you want them to. If you want them to make an appointment online, you better give them a reason to. It could be a free quote, free first-time visit, 25% off the first appointment, fast service, etc. And you need to have more than just your gimmick or minimal value product as a hook. This is where it is good to have social proof to back up what you claim. If your site claims award-winning service, do you have a badge showing your award? Simply put, you need to express why you and not someone else in order to convert the viewer into a lead or sale.

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