5 Things For your business to do during COVID-19

5 Things For Your Business To Do during COVID-19

Where we are in Houston where a “Work Home Stay Safe” order has been put in place. This basically translates to “stay home”. If you run a small business, this can be devastating but ONLY if you do not use this time wisely. The businesses that are going to make it out ahead are going to be the ones that utilize this time and see it as an opportunity. There is a new buzz word going around, pivot. If you can pivot your business and work on your business during this downtime, you will be among the ones that win out. These are 5 things for your business to do during COVID-19 that will help you get ahead of your competition when life normalizes.

Evaluate your brand and your brand messaging and position.

This is a great time to evaluate your company’s messaging and branding. You can reevaluate what your company does, who your company serves and the messaging you’re using to reach your target audience. Take some time to create “personas” or “Ideal clients” and see if your branding matches up. This is also a good time to see who your top competitors are and see how you stack up against them.  

Audit and evaluate your website.

You can use this time to take a full audit of your site including how it is designed, how well your site converts visitors and its on-page SEO. This is a perfect time to make any design, copy, and function tweaks to your website so that when the lights are on, so to speak, you have a stronger website that functions properly, is mobile-friendly, loads faster, has better user experience and more importantly brings traffic and converts said traffic.

Audit and evaluate your SEO Plan.

Alongside looking at the on-page of SEO mentioned above, if you haven’t taken the time to look at what you rank for and why you are not ranking where you should, this is a great time to go over that in more detail. If you’re a local service provider, digital companies like us can run a free local SEO audit for you and help you see the areas you need help in. This will allow for better visibility through Search Engine Results.

Audit and evaluate your PPC ads and landing pages.

Many companies have had to turn off or lower their Google ads due to this coronavirus. Yet that does not mean you can’t take a deeper dive and look into the performance your ads were doing and the landing pages they were going to. You can even set up a new campaign for when everything normalizes that you can turn on and have leads by the next day.

Create a digital form of your product or service.

If you have ever thought of putting your knowledge into a course, or if you sell a product and haven’t fully committed to selling online, this is the time. Millions of people are going to be online daily, many stuck in their homes. They are going to be scrolling on phones and laptops for up 16 hours.

Bonus – Digital content, just like creating a digital product or service but instead of selling, you’re simply providing value and spreading your brand.

Is this crisis serious, yes. Will this COVID-19 crisis have a serious impact on your business, regardless of what you do? Again, the answer is yes. Yet that does not mean it has to crush your business. Again, if you put your head down and do the work while everyone else is just sitting around bored out of their minds, you will come out ahead when all of this is over.

The businesses that will make it through this are the ones that are going to use their time wisely during this downturn. From adjusting your website to converting and bringing traffic to adjusting product lines, there are ways to mitigate the damage and even thrive once this is over. To help you with this, we are conducting FREE Website and Local SEO audits combined giving you reports with actionable items you can do while the world is still under COVID – 19 Precautions. Following the actionable items in the reports along with the suggestions above, your business can emerge ahead of your competition.

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