5 ways to increase leads from your contractor website, Houston TX

5 ways to increase leads from your contractor website

In every type of business, your website is critical to your digital marketing. Yet, talking with contractors, they tell me the same thing again and again, “It’s really just a business card, we don’t get much from it”. This is a real missed opportunity. Your website should be one of the hardest working marketing pieces you have and generate leads for you. So, to help you out, here are 5 ways to increase leads from your contractor website.


  1. Mobile First

Over half of all web traffic in America comes from mobile devices.  So, the first thing you need to do is make sure your website looks great on mobile first. If your buttons, forms or columns of text don’t work, are out of place, or are too small because your website it not responsive, your viewer will leave your website and you won’t hear a whisper from them.

Mobile Design Statisitics


  1. Website Speed

Your website should load within 3 seconds. Each second after that, you’re losing money. That is the way our fast pace world is.

Quick tips to increase your site speed:

  • Optimize your image sizes
  • Enable site cache
  • Reduce motion on your site on load (sliders that automatically start on load)
  • Have cover images over videos
  • Google fonts look good, but require waiting on Google server as well as your own
  1. Key Word Research

This could be the difference between getting the right traffic or not. There are plenty of Keyword tools that will allow you to see the search volume of each keyword. If your content is focused on the wrong keyword phrases, you could be either talking to the wrong audience or aimed at terms that are low search volume, therefore having no website traffic at all. You have to know WHO you want to aim at, and research WHAT your target audience is searching for so you can aim your content at them and increase your chances for conversion.

  1. Have individual pages for each service you have

Your services pages are where you can expand on the “what you do” that you should have on your homepage. Each page should be written in a way that matches the keyword research you should have already done by this point. For example, if you are a gutter company that focuses on gutter repair, you should have researched which way the phrase is searched the most, then create the page written in a way that reflects the search data you found. This should be done for each service you have. Another example would be If you are a garage door company that does panel repair, installation, opener replacement, etc., you should have a page for each service. Each of those pages should reflect the search data found by your keyword research. This allows you to reach more keywords, which means more of the right kind of search traffic to your site and increasing your chances of conversions.

  1. Call to Actions

It is pretty common knowledge that you want your phone number visible at all times. Problem is, some people would rather fill out forms and request more information before getting on a call, which means you must use as many call-to-actions as you can in order to get them to take action and convert on your website.


Popular call-to-actions are:

  • Your business phone number with a reason to call
  • Forms
  • Calendar booking apps
  • Live chat software
  • Exit intent pop-ups

A visitor should technically always have a call-to-action visible on their screen somewhere, for example, a call button always visible on a mobile screen.

Even if you primarily want phone calls, your visitors might want to chat or submit forms instead, so make sure you include several different call-to-action types.


If you make sure you have done these 5 things for your contractor website, your website should work harder for you, increasing traffic to your site and converting that traffic into leads.


Hughbanks Design helps contractors and home service-based businesses by contractors a step-by-step plan to increase website conversion. This step-by-step plan is called Battle Plan for Website Success. When Chris is not helping businesses with their websites and digital marketing campaigns, he is usually either creating art or going for a 3 mile run.

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