7 Best Heatmaps for Website Optimization

If you are not collecting user experience data on your website, how do you really know what parts of your website are effective and which are dead weight? Heatmap tools create an overlay on the web pages and highlight areas with higher activity as compared to the lower activity. With this, you will be able to get a clear idea about where your users look, click and scroll. Note that heatmap tools are quite different from other analytics tools as they help you to understand user interactions with your website design, and allows you to tweak your website and increase your website conversions.

Heatmaps for Website Optimization

There are plenty of companies that offer Heatmaps for Website Optimization; so it can get overwhelming choosing one. We have compiled a list of 7 of the best heatmaps for website optimizations.



Currently, this is the one we use on our client’s websites to gather user interaction data to help with website conversions. It is one of the most powerful apps that works as a perfect conversion optimization and analytics tool. Hotjar has abilities to combine session recordings, form analytics, funnels, polls, surveys, and heatmaps on one platform. With Hotjar, you can enjoy mouse, scroll, tap and click movement heatmaps. Moreover, new age business professionals find it much easier and intuitive to use. With advanced conversion funnels and session recordings, you can further fix the usability issues on the website.

Hotjar has both free and paid plans starting at $29 monthly for 10,000 page views a day.

Crazy Egg

crazy egg

The Heatmap that rivals Hotjar in popularity is Crazy Egg. It offers click heatmaps, mouse cursor heatmaps, and scroll heatmaps. It offers another useful feature called confetti heatmap. Confetti heatmap by Crazy Egg allows you to divide the heatmap data into traffic sources. This means you can see how users from social networks, search, or other sources interact with your website. Crazy Egg is easy to add to a WordPress website with a plugin that makes the installation super easy.

The pricing for Crazy Egg starts from $9/month for 10,000 visitors and 10 active pages. Their most popular plan is called Plus, which offers 100,000 visits, 50 active pages, and hourly reports for $49/month. All plans come with a one-month free trial.





Heatmap.me is one that I have used in the past for conversion optimizations. It is super simple to use. It is easy to install and comes with a very small JavaScript code that loads asynchronously without slowing down your website. Heatmap.me offers a free plan limited to 5 pages on 1 site. Their paid plans start with $100 per month for unlimited pages on a single site. I have used the free plan in the past and it does give some good insight. My only problem is it wasn’t as easy to use for myself reading the mobile version of the site.



SeeVolution platform is quite easy to use, and it is highly recommended for WordPress Website Optimization. People love it more for its easy installation, nice dashboard and clean interface that makes it easier to understand user data collected online. The heatmaps from SeeVolution include scrolling, clicks, movement heatmaps, and mouse interactions as well. The service range also includes site-wide analytics so that website owners can enjoy better site performance.



Here is another amazing choice for heatmaps. It is designed to work with a powerful session recording technology and comes with impressive heatmap analysis features. The best thing to know about Clicktale is that it offers a few other analytics tools as well like Optimizely, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager. ClickTale offers advanced analytics, conversion analytics, and session recordings as well. You can contact their sales team to avail a demo of the tool and collect pricing details as well.


Inspectlet is a powerful heatmap and session recording service that covers all three types of tracking for heatmaps; the list includes scrolling, cursor movement and clicks as well. They also provide conversion funnel analytics with the impressive filtering feature. The well-designed tagging filter can be used to tag individual users to boost interactions online.



How can we forget to talk about Mouseflow? It is one of the most feature-rich and interactive heatmap tools for WordPress users. Mouseflow offers attention heatmap, movement heatmap, scroll heatmap and click heatmaps as well. It also offers reliable insights to website visitor activity so that you can have better details about how users are interacting with your website.