About Hughbanks Design

An Web and SEO Company That Works as Hard as You Do

Let’s be real, there are a lot of web design and SEO companies out there.  However, time and time again, it’s been found that a lot of local trade and e-commerce companies just don’t feel those marketing and design firms are truly in their corner. We understand every lead is vital to get. Getting leads and making Google and their website work for them means putting food on the table, keeping crews employed and owners in business. We take this seriously. You won’t find another Web and SEO company that will fight alongside you and your company to get the results you are looking for.

Our Story

After getting laid off in 2008 and completing grad school in 2010, we noticed small business that while they were not hiring, needed design and marketing services if they were to survive a choppy economy. This led to the official formation of Hughbanks Design in 2012. Back then it was a freelance business doing a little bit of everything for everyone. With the acquisition of our first home services / trades client in 2013 we started the foundation of what is now our digital strategy to helping trade and home service clients grow online. During 2016, after 4 years of being a little bit of everything to everyone, Hughbanks Design narrowed down to designing websites, and providing digital marketing and SEO services. From 2016-2019, we worked with several different industries, from home services and trade contractors to dentists and more. Though out that time we felt the most comfortable working with Trade companies and small e-commerce brands. Today, that is the bulk of who we work with.