benefits to having a website maintenance plan

Benefits to Having a Website Maintenance Plan

If you are a small business owner, chances are that you wear many different hats in your company. Even if your business consists of a small team, many of those members probably serve several different functions. Most if not all serve to grow your business and service your customers. That is where there are several benefits to having a website maintenance plan, all focusing around you growing and working your business not, your website.

5 benefits to having a website maintenance plan.

Let’s you focus on your service or trade

Whether you are a plumber, garage door repair company, dentist or any other number or professions or trades, you got in the business because you are good at what you do. When you have to focus on your website, it takes time away from what you do, whether it’s to service a client or learn something new in your field. Your clients called you for your services and depending on what those services are they might have been able to do it themselves, but not as good as you could. Websites, whether it’s updating plugins, themes, the design, or content, are about the same way.

Let your team focus on other important tasks.

If you have a small business that has employees or a team, having a website maintenance plan can still benefit the team as a whole. As mentioned above, there is a whole slew of important tasks to get done and moving parts to your business. Having a website maintenance plan can free up your team, just like yourself as previously mentioned, to focus on the tasks of running your business instead of making updates to your website.

Less chance of your website breaking.

WordPress is a very flexible system to have your website built on. One of the few drawbacks though is with the more moving parts or plugins your website has, the more chances it has to break during an update. Then if your website does break, you have to either know the solution, Google the solution, or find someone to help fix the issue. This means taking time and money away from your business. The best prevention from this happening is to have a website maintenance plan. The company you hire will update the plugins, theme, and WordPress Core on a backup site to make sure there are no issues, then replicate that on your existing site. This allows you to have 99.9% uptime, even during updates.

Content Updates.

Most website maintenance plans come with an amount of time or number of changes to be done to the content.  That means these are not just maintenance plans, but a website care plan designed to take care of the website as a whole, including content changes. When you can pass on your content changes to a professional WordPress company, that means elevates the first 2 benefits mentioned here.

Can Increase Sales and Revenue

Call the aforementioned benefits lead to one major last benefit, an increase in sales and revenue. To give you an example, we took over the website management for a garage door company. Before, the owner was making different tweaks to the site. We did a site audit, made the immediate necessary design changes, and then maintained the website. This allowed the owner to focus more on the service he and his repairmen were doing, as well as coming up with different discounts and deals, and services that drove up revenue. He did not have to concern himself with keeping the site up-to-date on the technical side or content side, freeing time and resources to increase revenue.


Hughbanks Design offers WordPress website maintenance and care plans designed to help take care of your website, so you don’t have to. Our website and care plans also include added features like Basic Google Analytics reporting, so you can make informed decisions in regards to marketing your business.