Change, Risks, and Bad Habits in Online Marketing and Design

Hughbanks Design has changed over the years since taking the name in 2012. So much so that I took our site down for a while (had a landing page in its place) and totally revamped the business. Instead of a “redesign,” the decision was to go for a brand new site to match the newer attitude and perspective that has evolved from 2012. Yet, as I was thinking of the first blog post to write for the new site, I was going to edit an old blog post and repost it. I stopped and realized… what am I doing? Why am I editing and about to publish a post we did before? This is not what Hughbanks Design is anymore.

So I tell you this to bring about this point, it is so EASY to fall back into old habits that did you no good. That is true personally and professionally. Case in point: There was a client that kept complaining, “I have no leads!” We went back and forth on tactics to bring him more leads, yet he kept going back to the same strategy, with the same complaint, expecting different results. What do you think his results were? In the end, to make your business grow, you have to take some risks. This is not really news to anybody, but we tend to fall back to old habits because they are comfortable, even when they don’t work.

Web design, branding, online marketing, these are tools to enact change in your business. Yet none of these things are going to help if you are not proactive to the results they are going to yield. If you are selling a service to your customers that is an average of $100, but it takes 10 clicks on your Google ad to yield a customer at $10 per click, you are losing money. If your logo doesn’t convey your brand then no one will remember it, and you probably wasted your money. 

If your business is not growing, you have to step back and ask yourself a question. Is the business not growing because I am more comfortable in my bad habits and ways than taking calculated risks to grow? It’s a ballsy, no BS, have-to-be-honest kind of question. It is the kind of question that makes you lose sleep at night. However, answering it honestly then ACTING on that answer can be life-changing.

Design trends change, online marketing changes at the speed of light, social media changes rapidly, so you can’t be afraid of changes if you’re going to make your business successful. Please take care not to revert to old habits in your marketing, design, and business that inhibits your growth. With calculated changes, analyzing those changes, acting on the results and being self-aware, you have a much better chance of taking your business ventures to where you want them to go.