Gutter Companies, Rank higher on Google

Gutter Companies, Rank Higher On Google

If you are a gutter company, you cannot ignore digital marketing. I have talked to many gutter companies, as well as other home contractors, and many have this notion that you either do not need to focus on digital marketing or that it doesn’t work. That is simply not true on all fronts and one of the biggest ignored facets of digital marketing by a lot of gutter companies is ranking higher on Google and Google maps, or what is known as local SEO. I have worked with and have been successful in ranking gutter companies before, so I want to show you a few tricks and tips another marketer may not tell you on how you can rank your gutter company for your local area and increase your overall leads. 

Tip 1: Sites like Angie’s List and Home Advisor are not bad if used right.

Now, before you get your blood pressure up and click off this blog at the mention of sites like this, just hear me out. Sites like Next Door, Angie’s List, and Houzz allow you to list your company and site for free. This is important, as these sites are considered trusted and authoritative sites by Google. That means a link from their site to yours is a trusted and authoritative link.

Tip 2: Craft a rich and detailed description to put on your Google My Business Page.

First off, I am going to assume you either have a Google My Business page or have at least heard the advice of getting one, so I’m not going to waste your time there. Where I want to direct your attention is something many companies often miss, and that is creating a good business description to add to the Google listing. You need to make sure you list the cities or towns you cover and the services you cover in your listing.

Tip 3: Answer any questions that are posted on Your Google My Business Page.

When you look up a business on Google and find a company listing, you will see a section that says, “Ask a Question.” Make sure you answer any questions that come up. Google will see that as both activity and you being a trusted authority on the subject.

Tip 4: Blog posts still can help.

There are some in the SEO business that say blog posts are not needed, and technically they can be correct. Yet, when done properly, it has been my experience that blog posts can work really well for getting your website traffic. The trick is to answer questions you think your viewers will have, then go ahead and write a blog post about it. It will boost your visibility, and with the right title and description, your click rates and on-page time will increase. These are both ranking signals to Google. It signals to Google that people like what they see, and Google wants to give people more of what they want.

Tip 5: Create a Review System.

It takes just one bad review to make potential clients not trust you and not click on your links or listing. This can hurt your click-through rate and your business. Already mentioned before was the fact that click-through rates are a ranking signal for Google. Not to mention it has been suspected Google will not rank those with a lower Google rating. To combat this, you need a review system in place. There are several companies that handle getting reviews, you can also create an email and survey system as I have done for a couple of clients, where if they had a bad experience, it send them to a survey instead of a review site. You get to find out what the problem is and not have negative reviews written about you.

Hughbanks Design helps home contractor companies such as gutter companies rank higher on Google using local SEO best practices. Your competitors are getting leads because they are on top of Google, why aren’t you?


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