Website Optimization: Making Your Website Work for You

In our Website Optimization “3 Keys” series, This is arguably the key that ties everything together. I mean, why else have a website if it is not working for you?

Going back to the second key, “Are your viewers getting value,” if they feel strongly about it, they should be willing to give you their email in exchange for more value. That means you need a system set up on your website to capture their emails and deposit them into a list for later. This list allows you to stay in contact with your potential clients and give them value and become your clients.

Landing pages within your website.

Do you have multiple products or services? If you do, do you have each one on its own separate page? If not, you are doing you and your viewers a disservice. In order for your viewers to want what you do, you need to be able to have those services separated and clearly distinguished on their own pages so they are easy to find and understand. It will also help Google index that service, bringing you more clients for that thing you do or sell.

Also, each service landing page should have a call-to-action on it. This is a button or separated text that prompts the viewer to “act” such as Call Now, Click for Free Evaluation, etc. This makes the website work harder for you.

Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel
Your website is a treasure trove of information of who you attract as clients, what they are searching on your site for and where did they drop off your site. All this is great information to help you hone in on your perfect client or buyer. If you use Google ads or Facebook Ads, by having Analytics and Pixel installed on your site, you can “retarget” your ads to those who have been on your website before. Remember, the chances of buyers on the first visit are usually slim, so this helps keep your website and your products and services in front of your potential clients.