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WordPress 5.0 is here today – What should you know?

WordPress 5.0 is here today! The importance of this update cannot be overstated. Over 30% of the entire internet will be affected by this update.  What should you know as a business owner? What makes this update so different than the other? One word, Gutenberg.

What is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg is the new block-based editor is the first step toward a completely new WordPress experience across your entire site. And it will enable you to create a custom page and post layouts. For those of us that use page builders, I personally not crazy about the idea. Yet, it just might be worth trying out at some point in time. It will defiantly keep companies that put out premium page builders on their toes. For more on Gutenberg, click here.

Should I upgrade to WordPress 5.0

Normally the answer would be yes if nothing else security reasons. Also, normally, managed WordPress hosting companies automatically update their customers’ websites to the latest version as soon as it’s available. But WordPress 5.0 is no ordinary release. The block building Gutenberg is a significant departure from any other WordPress version. There is simply has not been enough time given to third-party theme and plugin creators to ensure that their products are 100% compatible with the new version of WordPress. For this reason, nearly every managed WordPress hosting company has announced that they will wait until January to upgrade their customers’ WordPress sites.

If you are managing your own, I would follow suit. With this agreeance, and along as security measures are in place, the security of your website should not be at risk. Unless you have a compelling reason to upgrade today, I recommend that you hold off for now. Wait until the first ‘bug fix’ release is out before upgrading to WordPress 5.0.

What if I don’t want Gutenberg?

No worries. WordPress has turned the classic editor into a plugin you can download. You can install the Classic Editor plugin today, and still upgrade to WordPress 5.0 without breaking your site. In fact, it will be indistinguishable from 4.9.8 when you’re creating and editing content — but you’ll still get the other improvements and fixes that are in version 5.0. The Classic Editor even allows you to switch between Classic and Gutenberg on a per-user or per-post level. The Classic Editor plugin will be supported until 2022, so you’ll have plenty of time to try Gutenberg later. Download Classic Editor Plugin Here

So what will Hughbanks Design WP Care plans do?

We will be following suit and waiting to update sites until January. Despite widespread requests for a January release, WordPress 5.0 was released today. That’s just 13 days since first Release Candidate. After all the noise and clamoring of bugs and issues while in beta, it just makes sense to follow our own advice and wait.

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